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Lindy Boggs International Conference Center (map)

An international set of speakers will participate in this symposium. The 2013 Symposium title is: Reaction Strategies for Directing Structure andProperties in the Solid State

Mardi Gras Symposium – a brief perspective. 

Dating back to the 1960's, the local chemistry community sponsored this successful one-day event that brought in pioneers in the field of Theoretical Chemistry.  The focus subsequently expanded to include all of chemistry and during a 10-year period, notables such as Robert Mulliken, Henry Eyring, Dudley Hershbach, and Andrew Schally were speakers. About 10 years ago the symposium merged into AMRI’s annual review.  This year, led by the Louisiana Section of the American Chemical Society, the series returns to a more traditional format where experts in Materials Chemistry present at UNO. Next year, Tulane University will host the event focusing on Supramolecular Chemistry. Subsequent years will see new themes and other host institutions working to continue this exciting annual program.


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