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Apr 2014
Please check the list of degree programs to make sure that your intended program admits for Summer.
SC 2062 (map)
Join representatives from the Graduate School and the Library to learn about the preparation, submission and utilization of your manuscript.
Engineering, 910 (map)
Preliminary Hydrogen Sulfide Emission Factors and Emission Models for Wastewater Treatment Plant Headworks
Major Professor: Bhaskar Kura, Ph.D.
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
ED 309 (map)
The Influence of Cultural and Social Capital on Post-Baccalaureate Students' Decision to Enter and Complete Graduate School
Major Professor: Tammie M. Causey-Konate, Ph.D.
Department of Educational Leadership, Counseling & Foundations
Kirschman Hall, 454 (map)
Market Frictions and the Efficiency of Capital Allocation
Major Professor: M.K. Hassan, Ph.D.
Department of Economics & Finance
SC 2072 (map)
Comparative Biology of Three Species of Costa Rican Haeterini
Major Professor: Philip DeVries, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences
Last date for students planning to graduate in May 2014 to publicly defend their thesis or dissertation manuscripts.
Chemical Sciences Building, 306 (map)
Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Compounds with CNS Activity Targeting Cannabinoid and Biogenic Amine Receptors
Major Professor: Mark Trudell, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
MH 381 (map)
Moving Motherly: Raising Children in the Hospitality Industry
Major Professor: Renia Ehrenfeucht, Ph.D.
Department of Planning & Urban Studies
Milneburg Hall, 381 (map)
Maximizing Local Police Agency Impacts Through Optimum Staffing Levels
Major Professor: David Gladstone, Ph.D.
Department of Planning & Urban Studies
Last date for Master's thesis and Doctoral students to submit manuscript via ScholarWorks ( for initial review of format.
If a grade change is not submitted, the outstanding Incomplete will convert to an F grade.